Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Blogging about my life from now on

I decided to make this blog about my life more than my art.
I think it more easier for me but yea.
I'll try posting good things and stuff so people keep supporting my dumbness lol.

As for a starter,

my girlfriend's mom is extorting me to pay her to keep her family happy.
I'm just like wtf at this.
I mean why should I have to pay for her whole family, when she has 2 sons who are older than enough to get a job their own and support her?

Its basically prostitution if you think about it.
Me pay her mom to go out with her.
I'm not going out with her mom or anything and I'm always babysitting her kids (even the older ones) and she expects me to pay her for babysitting?!

I do love my gf but her family can suck my d***!