Sunday, December 25, 2011

Personal Input: Women Logic/Men Logic

Anyone ever have to deal with women logic?
Like how this thing makes total sense to them but not to men?
I'm just going crazy about all the women in my life just being retarded and saying nonsense.

Same goes for men logic.
Do any of the women who read this think men logic is retarded?
I'm sure it goes both ways like everything else.

Give a comment about what you all think.


  1. Both genders use logic that makes no sense, so it balances out

  2. Haha all the time. I find that mainly girls don't make sense to me. Even though I am one. :P

  3. Why do you want to "understand" them? Are you trying to be a girl? Are you trying to help her be a better her? Forget about her, just focus on you. I have the right to say "I don't care." The end. Just say "I don't care" then you don't "deal" with nonsense.

  4. you are trying to say that all members of each sex think the same. Not true.