Monday, October 17, 2011

Personal Input: Craigslist

Today I went with a friend to sell his stuff on craigslist.
My friend was selling his PS3 and a few people were interested and they coincidentally were located in the same general area so we went.
The buyers told us where we should meet and make the exchange.
When we got there the buyer was no where to be found.
So we decided to go to the second buyer and he texted us saying he was at the location we were at.
Turns out the buyers were the same people who was trolling us...fml

It was a big waste of time for us....but we got food in the end. :D


  1. I've sold a few things through the site before, and never had that happen. The strangest request I ever got was one dude wanted to buy a gamecube game from me, and he made me go to the sears auto center where he worked.

  2. I've never personally been brave enough to do that kind of meeting up with people online. Seems like a good way to wind up in something like the kidneys removed in a tub of ice story. I'm sure most people aren't like that, but eh.

    I guess in that sense it merely being a waste of time isn't too horrible.

  3. Ah yes craigslist. Thanks for reminding me I need to make a blog about how much I hate craigslist.