Sunday, October 23, 2011

Personal Input: Paranormal Activities 3 and The Thing


I went to the movies today with my brother and sister with her friend to watch Paranormal Activity 3 and The Thing.

I love horror movies and I was very satisfied with the movies but they were really really loud.
The PA movies make you want to think about evil spirits and devils and stuff and oh man...I LOVED IT!!!

I suggest people go watch it if you're into scary things.
If you're not into horror movies...then I'd still tell you to go because its funny. Tons of laughs.

The Thing was pretty good too.
If you watched the original or the remake, this movie is actually the prequel and it explains where the monster or alien life came from.
Really loud movie I must add...too much screaming and screeches.

I give PA 8/10 and The Thing 7/10.

If you are a fan of horror like me, please give a list of movies I should watch! :D


  1. I don't like getting scared. So, not sure what I would recommend.
    I thought Blair Witch was extremely scary.
    From the new movies I remember Troll Hunter. That was pretty.... weird.

  2. You mean "my thing". :P

  3. Not into horror movies. I saw Paranormal Activity 1 for the first time not so long ago on Netflix. Blew hard. It wasn't even scary.