Saturday, October 22, 2011

Personal Input: Food that looks good but...

Hello there friends!
I know I seem to be doing more personal inputs than actually posting up art work but I really enjoy these a little bit more. Mainly because I can talk about my interests and whatever.

Well on to the point: Food that looks good but...
1. tastes awful
2. smells funky
3. feels like eating rubber sandals

Ever had these type of things happen to you guys?
I mean there are certain foods I would eat even if it looks/tastes bad but there are some good things that just ruin my appetite...

I for one HATE cream filled bread that I find in asian markets or bakeries...
They look good but the cream just ruins everything that keeps me together.
I feel like I would rather eat a can of dog food for a month rather than eat one of those dreadful creamy bready abominations...

Tell me about any personal experience when it comes to good looking food just being awful.


  1. I don't really go outside my regular selection of food, but I hate smelly food. My girlfriend is asian, so she goes to the asian grocery store every now and then. She got some kind of seaweed snack, and that is the grossest thing I've seen her eat. It makes me want to vomit.

  2. Once I went to an Italian restaurant and ordered something that smelled like a dead dog. :/

  3. grapefruit looks delicious but tastes horrible. i don't see how anyone eats that shit.

  4. Once I tried to eat my cat's food. :P

  5. What. I love those creme buns. Here, you know what? You can eat the bun and then give me the creme. Everyone wins.

  6. Everyone I know loves prawns, and quite honestly I don't even know what they taste like so I shouldn't say I hate them. But just looking at them with their beady little eyes really puts me off eating them lol.

  7. For me, smell is the most important, secondly comes taste. I don't really care about looks, because they won't matter since it's going to be in my mouth, you can taste with smell though.

  8. For me It's always been a problem with food looking terrible but tasting good. It's gotta look decent and taste decent or I just can't bring myself to eat it.

    I honestly can't think of anything that looks good but I later found to taste bad.